Magical Unicorn Printable and 4 Ways To Use It

Unicorn PrintablesCara from Hello Moonpie is back with a super fun and super versatile
Unicorn craft and we’ve teamed up to make you a Free Printable, which
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I’m now adding popped pool floaties to my craft supply cupboard keep on
reading below! And now without further ado I present to you Cara and
her Unicorns in 4 flavors.

When I ask my five year old daughter, Kinley, what she would like to make
for art, she says UNICORNS every. single. time. And I never argue because
unicorns are EVERYTHING. Sparkly, rainbow-y, magical…I’m getting
heart-eyes just thinking about them!

I’m guessing you are here because you, too, have a special unicorn-loving
little human in your life and you’ve come to the right place, friend! Shelly
and I have got the world’s most versatile printable unicorn template all
ready for ya and I’ve dreamed up a few fun ways for you to get your
magical pony on to get you started.

Oh, before I forget, one little template tip: when you cut out your unicorn
head, cut down and around the ear on the lines, too. That way you can fold
it forward while you are decorating the mane and glue the ear down over
the top of all of the pretty when you are done.

Unicorn Craft Template

Okay, let’s get down to it! 


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  • Scissors
  • Background paper
  • Markers, Tempera Paint Sticks, crayons, pencils etc.
  • Glue
  • Unicorn Template – Enter your name and email below and I’ll send our Unicorn Printable straight to your Inbox as a bonus for signing up to our weekly newsletter.

Unicorn Craft Bubble Pint

This is the unicorn art that started it all! Kinley and I were studying pop
art master Roy Lichtenstein and were trying to replicate his comic
book-style dots. Bubble wrap seemed like the easiest and most fun route,
but then, Kinley didn’t wanna make his comic book-style ladies in distress,
of course. She wanted to make UNICORNS!

I just made some bubble prints on a page from the phonebook for the face
texture and then some on a 12×12 sheet of cardstock for the background.
All of the embellishments and magical mane are just goodies from the box
of collage materials I collect all the time. Can you spot the hot pink plastic
from my popped pool floatie? 🙂


Unicorn Craft Collage 1 Unicorn Craft Collage 3 Unicorn Craft Collage 2

My mom, my daughter and I made these unicorns on one of our art play
date afternoons. We tried our hands at scrape art for the backgrounds
using acrylic paint and liquid watercolors (squirt small dots of paint and
then scrape an old credit card through the dots — super satisfying!) and
put our ponies on top. Then we broke out the good ol’ collage box for
these, too! You can use anything — magazine pages, yarn, notebook covers,
newspaper, even scraps from old art projects.


Unicorn Craft Easter Mane

If you are a Target holiday clearance junkie like I am, you probably
spotted this holographic Easter grass! I bought it especially to make
unicorn hair, but if you have any of any color left over in your Easter
basement bin, this idea is for you. I used double-sided tape to attach
this mane, a strip on the front and one on the back.

The background for this one is bleeding tissue paper and black liquid
watercolor blow-painting (little dots of paint, blow on them through a
straw) on nice thick watercolor paper.



Unicorn Craft Rainbow Mane In Progress  Unicorn Craft Rainbow Mane

This is my ultimate FAVE version, and it just happens to be the simplest!
Kinley and I are currently obsessed with the tempera paint sticks from
Michael’s and that’s what she used to make this stunningly gorgeous
unicorn’s mane. They’re creamy and dreamy and absolutely awesome!

(She would also like me to point out to you that her unicorn is not only
wearing blush and purple lipstick, but also a nice thick coat of pink eye
“shout-out”. Total divacorn!)

If you aren’t in the mood for an all-out collage materials explosion or you
just need an easy activity to occupy the littles while you FINALLY get the
laundry folded, print out a few of these babies and put out the markers or
watercolors and crayons. The possibilities are endless!


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Cara Huff is a homeschooling stay-at-home momma who loves books, art and STEAMY projects. If you like this project, you can find all of Cara’s other brightly colored and super fun ideas on Instagram, her blog, and on Facebook.


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