Free Christmas Ornament Guide + Bonus Gift

We have upgraded our Christmas Ornament Guide from last year and have made it bigger and better!

Christmas Ornament Guide Sneak Peak

As you can see from the picture above, even Miss Z can’t really believe it. It’s now crisper, a smaller file size and includes 3 extra really cool ornaments, along with some more templates!

Just enter your name and email below and we’ll send you a copy. Because what is Christmas without a little crafting? but it doesn’t end there, as a bonus, we’ve teamed up with 7 of the most creative ladies out there and made a gorgeous book of Recycled Holiday Crafts which we’ll also send you!

Ornament Guide:

We designed these ornaments for children and adults of all ages. Most of them are simple projects that you can inject your own creativity into and can be reminisced over every year when you decorate your tree. They also make for a really lovely personalized gift. There are 12 ornaments ranging from process art painting for the little ones to sewing for the older ones, so there’s a good variety. We also show you 2 ways to make an ornament out of yourself or a friend, and they’re probably 2 of my favorite ones!

One of my most treasured traditions over the holiday season is to have a Christmas Ornament Craft Party, even if it’s just with the family. So throw on the tunes, get some nibblies, and set your table with eye catching craft materials and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

We’d love to see how your Christmas ornaments turn out if you decide to make some, so be sure to use the hashtag #creatingornaments on Instagram or tag us on Facebook so we can see how they turn out.

Christmas Ornament Guide Sneak Peak Christmas Ornament Guide Contents Christmas Ornament Guide Cover Christmas Ornament Guide DIY

8 Recycled Holiday Crafts EBook:

“What happens when a group of creative ladies connect online? More importantly, what is the collective noun for creative ladies? A crew? A gaggle? An assembly? How about an island?”

The Creative Island Collective is a group of 8 women and mothers who connected online and have developed a friendship so strong that one day we hope to buy a crafting island where we can hot glue pom poms onto our scuba masks and pretty much craft our way through life. We’re making a good island start at it by doing one of our favorite things, recycling! We’ve put together a super fun little holiday ebook for you that you can grab for free! Just enter your name and email below and I’ll send it to your inbox. Be sure to give these incredible women a follow on social media for a daily dose of inspiration!

Merry Christmas, and happy crafting!



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