A Ghost Hunt – Halloween Painting with Free Printable

We’ve upgraded this Halloween post from last year with a FREE PRINTABLE! See below and happy hunting!

Halloween Ghost Hunt finished art

I was driving in the car the other day trying to think of how I could use the crayon resist watercolor method for Halloween, when it hit me, ghosts! Ghosts are as white as crayons and paper, and my little creatives absolutely love a ghost hunt, so I thought I’d set them up with one. I drew a haunted house for my eldest, but my 3 yr old was scared of the haunted house so her hunt was just on plain paper, which was great because it saved me a step of drawing a house. However, we have now made it easier for you to do this hunt with a FREE Printable.

Enter your name and email above and we’ll send you a free printable with 2 haunted house templates for you to have your ghost hunt with. You can just color it, and draw in your ghosts, or do the water resist method with a white crayon and watercolors. A little Halloween gift to you.


Halloween Ghost Hunt Supplies:

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If you don’t have a printer don’t fret, this was my first attempt with a sharpie and paper and it worked a treat.

Halloween Haunted House Ghost Hunt Paper

Make It – Halloween Style:

1. DRAW or PRINT your Haunted House.

If you’re drawing it make sure to leave lots of windows to draw the ghosts in. If you don’t have the time, or feel up to it, you can also just have a ghost hunt on white paper.

2. DRAW some ghosts with your white crayon.

Not a great drawer, look up simple ghosts on the internet for some ghostly inspiration. I also added some Jack-O-Lanterns, eyes, spiders, cats, cobwebs, and eyes.  Feel free to vary it up, or just stick to ghosts. I also recommend to draw quite hard with the crayon, don’t break it, but do make sure to press down to ensure the waxiness sticks to the paper.

3. PAINT. Give your creatives some watercolors, paintbrush and water and tell them to go hunting for ghosts, what will they find?!

Here is my 3yr old finding her ghost on her blank paper:

Halloween Haunted House Ghost Hunt Paper

ASK: How many ghosts did you find? Did you find anything else besides ghosts?

Below are both my little creatives on their ghost hunt! I love how my eldest decided to paint each window a different color.

Halloween Haunted House Ghost Hunt Paper Kids coloring

Here are both our final paintings, one with the printable, one without:

 Halloween Ghost Hunt water color Halloween Haunted House Ghost Hunt Paper Finished House 

Don’t want to paint? Bust out the markers, crayons and pencils to color instead.

Halloween Ghost Hunt colored house

Extend It:

If your creatives are older, why not give them the white crayon and have them draw a ghost hunt for you!

Happy Hunting!

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Halloween Ghost Hunt finished art


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