The Cutest Homemade Card

We love making homemade cards, especially ones that are cute and quick to make.  Which is why these cupcake cards are the best! They’re something my little creatives and I can whip up quick, yet add a personal touch. It’s such a fun and simple recipe that I even love making them for my adult family and friends, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love decorating cupcakes?! They’re perfect for St. Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and Birthdays alike, Cupcakes for every occasion!

Below is the simple recipe.

Card Supplies:

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  • Paper – Any kind! Patterned and colored are my personal favorites.
  • Confetti  – (optional) if you want to add a little sparkle, you could also use, sequins or glitter.
  • Pom Poms – for the cherry on top!
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Markers

Make It:

1. CHOOSE the paper you’d like for cupcake liner, then choose the paper you’d like for the top, or as I like to call it, the frosting.

2. CUT out the cupcake liner, then the cupcake frosting – there are a few examples of different frosting shapes below. Remember to leave some room on the bottom of the frosting to glue it to the cupcake liner.

3. GLUE the frosting to the cupcake liner.

DISCUSS: if this cupcake were a real cupcake, what do you think it would taste like?

4. DECORATE your cupcake! Add the cherry on top, and if you have confetti, glitter or stickers, feel free to add those as well. This is also a good time to draw lines on the cupcake liner, if you’re up for some extra decorating why not try drawing some polka dots or a bow around your liner too.

5. WRITE your Birthday or Cupcake Occasion note on the back of the card and sign your name.

My Take Away:

I love watching my little creatives in action, each time I do I can see their personalities come out. My eldest loves rainbows, simplicity and order (which is one of the reasons I think he likes rainbows, there’s an order to the colors). Sometimes I want him to use more of the materials and go a little crazier, but from him I’ve learned to be patient with myself and appreciate simplicity a bit more. My daughter on the other hand likes EVERYTHING, all at once.  She would put every last drop of confetti on her cupcake if she could.  Her cupcakes had multiple cherries, and were dripping with confetti (I wish I took a picture!). She pushes the line every, single, time. She inspires me to push the line too – if you never take things too far you’ll never know how far you could have gone – she inspires me to experiment and live a little, after all it is only paper and glue 😉

Do Tell: Leave a comment below

  • What did your cupcake taste like?
  • What were your favorite toppings?



  1. Love this project, Shelly!! It would make the most festive birthday bunting and my little girl loves cupcakes 🎉🙌

    Your blog is just gorgeous 😍 Thoroughly enjoyable and a great space to bring my kids!!!

    xo, Kristen

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