The softest play doh, using only 2 Ingredients!

We love play dough and clay in this family, so when my friend Marlene told me about a recipe that was super fast to make, using only 2 ingredients I had to give it a try! Turns out this dough is lovely and soft and smells delicious!

Lets start with the 2 secret ingredients!


Please Note: This play dough is NOT edible, though it can smell like it! So make sure your little ones are old enough to not put it in their mouths


Play Dough Supplies:

  • 1 part Conditioner (we bought a peach scented conditioner from the Dollar Store)
  • 2 parts Corn Starch
  • Mixing Bowl

Make It:

1. POUR the conditioner in the bowl.

2.  ADD double the amount of cornstarch.

3. MIX it all together with your hands.

(depending on the consistency add more cornstarch if its too wet and conditioner if its too dry)

4. PLAY! and feel how soft this play doh is.

ASK: Your child to describe how the play doh feels to them (soft, hard, powdery, slimey, gooey, wet, dry…)

Extend It:

1. Add Glitter or Food coloring

2. Texture it up Give them a little bowl with 1 or 2 of the following: beads, toothpicks, candles, cupcake holders, straws, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, feathers, googlie eyes or even some seasonal leaves, branches and little rocks

3. Tools! Its always fun to experiment with how different objects affect the play doh, add in a tool or two for your little creators to use for example: rolling pin, fork, spoon, butter knife, tooth picks, cookie cutters, potato masher

PARENT TIP: Try not to overwhelm your child with too many options, most the time with are most creative when we have less to choose from. Let your creator play with the doh by itself first, then if they’re ready give them 1 or 2 textures and a tool.


Do Tell: Leave a comment below

  • What are some of your favorite play doh ‘recipes’?
  • What did you make with your play doh?
  •  Did you step it up in a different way? Please share!