I Love You To The Moon Rocket Card

Father’s Day is approaching and I was trying to think of what I could get my little creatives to make for their dad. Then it dawned on me, a rocket card! You see, their Daddy works at SpaceX, a company that launches (and lands) rockets, and one day hopes to help colonize Mars. Dream big right?! Plus rockets and space are just such fun, and allow you to use so many cool materials. The other thing I love about this card is you can personalize the inside a few different ways “You’re out of this world” or perhaps “I love you to the moon and back” or even “I love you to Mars and back”. My little creatives had sooooo much fun with this! It’s a definite win for the 2-6 year olds, and if I wasn’t supervising the glue consumption of my 2yr old I would have made one too.


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These are the materials we used, but this card is so flexible, so use what you have.


1. FOLD your card stock into a card. We folded ours once in half.

2. PAINT an outer space galaxy.

DISCUSS: What things do we see in outer space? Planets, stars, the sun, the moon etc…

3. CUT out a rocket ship. Something oval-ish. 🙂

4. GLUE the rocket ship over the galaxy. If your child is older you might want to have them figure out where they want the rocket before they paint their galaxy. Mr. 6 was very keen on knowing where his rocket ship was going to be placed so he could draw his planets accordingly.

5. STICK your star stickers around the galaxy.

6. CUT out a circle from white paper. This will be where they’ll draw themselves or the person the card is for, peeking out of the rocket ship.

7. STICK the circle on your rocket ship.

8. DECORATE your rocket ship. This is where you bust out the washi tape, sequins, foil, corrugated cardboard and any other rocket like materials.

DISCUSS: Do their ‘decorations’ have a purpose? Mr. 6 added some warp speed buttons and Ms. 4 had a rainbow belt. Mr. 2 had soooo many stories, mainly having to do with animals, next time I’ll try and remember them to share!

You can also see in the picture above Ms. 4 added some fire coming out of her rocket.

Mr. 2 was a big fan of the corrugated cardboard and foil as you can see from his picture below.

9. DRAW the face of the person inside the rocket ship.

DISCUSS: Can you see their neck and shoulders too?

10. WRITE some heart felt words inside. Ms. 4 doesn’t know how to spell yet, so I told her the letters to write. You can also have your little creative trace the words if they don’t know how to write yet. Of course we had to add some decorations to the inside of the card too.


This project kept my little creatives busy for quite some time. They really loved focusing on the details of their rocket ship and space environment.  I also love that we were able to incorporate one of their drawings into the card, which I think adds that extra special factor. I’m definitely going to think of other themed cards using this type of template.

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  • Did you find a super great rocket or outer space material? My creatives loved the sequins and washi tape
  • Lets hear your outer space puns for inside the card, I know you have some good ones!








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