Kids Travel Journal and Free Printable

Kids Travel Journal

The next time you head out on a family vacation have your children document it in
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Our travel journal was inspired by the sweet book Lovely Amelia Travels. This book is about a girl named Amelia who is being taken on her first international vacation. To celebrate, her parents get her a journal to document her travels in. The book is told from Amelia’s point of view as she goes through many awesome adventures in Costa Rica. From zip-lining, to photographing the amazing animals in the National Parks, from dancing in traditional costumes to playing fútbol, Amelia’s adventures are sure to give you the travel bug. Another thing I love about this book are the little facts sprinkled throughout, for example, did you know that in Costa Rica there are 6 active volcanoes and more than 100 sleeping or extinct ones?! Pretty cool. If you want to check out more about this book or buy a copy you can do so here.

Now we didn’t go to Costa Rica but we just got back from a cruise to Mexico, so my 5yr old and I decided to fill out a journal with some of the fun memories we had. Here’s how to put it together.


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  • Paper, we recommend 65lb weight or heavier
  • Memorabilia (photos, ticket stubs, itineraries etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick and/or washi tape
  • Markers, colored pencils or crayons if you want to color
  • Stickers (that relate to your trip)
  • Travel Journal Printable – Enter your name and email below to sign up to our fun newsletter and I’ll send the you our Travel Journal Printable as a gift.
Kids Travel Journal Supplies


1. Take the page with “Travel the World” on it, this is the cover, orient it to be in a
landscape (horizontal) position and fold it in half.
Kids Travel Journal Fold Paper in Half

2. Unfold the paper and turn it so it’s oriented to be in a portrait (vertical) position
and fold in half again.
Kids Travel Journal Fold Paper in Half Again   

 Unfold the paper and orient it to a landscape (horizontal) position, then cut along
the center fold, as shown below. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other page as well.
Kids Travel Journal Cut Paper

4. Now it’s time to assemble your pages. The Travel the World page is the cover, and
the others can go in any order, below is how we ordered ours.
Kids Travel Journal Assemble Pages

5. Once you’ve ordered your pages staple them together. We folded the back pages a
little to fit in the stapler as you can see below.
Kids Travel Journal Staple Pages     Kids Travel Journal Stapled Pages

6. Now it’s time to fill out your travel journal. Print out photos, gather your memorabilia
like tickets, maps etc, get some markers or colored pencils, glue, washi tape and
stickers and start putting your journal together. We started by putting our photos in
place, then arranged everything else around them.
Kids Travel Journal Fill Out with Trip Memorabilia


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Kids Travel Journal with Free Printable | #kidsjournal #traveljournal #traveljournalprintable #kidstraveljounral

Kids Travel Journal with Free Printable | #kidsjournal #traveljournal #traveljournalprintable #kidstraveljounral

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