How To Make A Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

Here’s a simple and fun creative craft project to accessorize your wrist – a Cuff Bracelet! A perfect accessory for any pretend play!


Cuff Bracelet Supplies:

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  • Paper Roll – Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll
  • Paper  – construction paper, patterned paper, foam paper, you can even use fabric, any material to cover the paper roll
  • Decorations – anything you want! Stickers, paint, glitter, sequins, jewels, flowers etc.
  • Thread
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Hole Punch

Make It:

1. CUT the paper roll length wise down the middle – see picture below.


2. MEASURE You’re going to measure 2 things:

  • 1. The width of your cuff, the whole tube might be too long, so cut it to the length that suits your wrist. We used about half a roll, per the picture below.

  • 2. Measure the material (paper or fabric) you’ll be using to cover the paper roll.  Straighten your cuff out over the material, in our case we used foam paper, trace around it, then cut it out, per the pictures below.


3. GLUE your material to the paper roll, per below:


If you don’t want to glue material you can also paint your tube. We held it closed to let it dry with a clothes pin.


4. TRIM any over hang of material.

5. HOLE PUNCH 4 holes – 2 on either side of the paper towel roll as below:


6. DECORATE your cuff! Onto the fun part, add the flare! Stickers, glitter, jewels, pom poms, chains, sequins, flowers, and the list goes on.

DISCUSS: will this cuff bracelet have any powers? are the stickers also buttons that help your little super hero?


7. THREAD some ribbon or string through the holes.


My Take Away:

Children aren’t the only ones that can have fun with this project! Adults need cuff bracelets too! So make one for yourself! A pair of cuff bracelets would make for a great addition to a superhero costume! The possibilities certainly got my creative juices flowing, I want to make an elegant one, a punk rocker one, an 80’s one…


Do Tell: Leave a comment below

  • What materials did you use?
  • Any Tips for making a better / easier cuff?!


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