Autumn Garland


Autumn has arrived, thus the decoration seasons approaches, and what could be more perfect than an Autumn Garland to do so! If its around Halloween time when you’re reading this, you could easily substitute the leaves for pumpkins to keep things festive! OK lets get started!

Autumn Garland Supplies:

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  • Colored Paper – with Autumn colors (red, orange, yellow, brown) I used foam paper, but regular paper can work too
  • String  – Any kind will do, I love bakers twine, you could also use ribbon
  • Beads – for a little added detail
  • Mini Clothespins – plain or with a little sparkle like mine
  • Sequins
  • Glue
  • Q-Tip 
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Scrap Paper – to draw your leaf template
  • Pencil – to trace your leaf template

Make Your Autumn Garland:

1. FIND a couple different leaf templates to trace, or make one up – I just googled “fall leaf printable”.

2. TRACE the leaf template/s you find onto your scrap paper, I literally placed my paper over my computer screen to trace.

3. CUT out your leaf template, then place it over your colored paper.  Either trace it onto the colored paper/foam to cut out, or hold it in place while you cut around it. If you don’t want to cut out your leaves you can buy pre-cut ones.


  • The Best place to assemble is the floor, or a large clear table.
  • Unroll your string to the approximate size you want your garland to be.
  • Place your leaves how you’d like them to hang.

DISCUSS: how leaves change color in the autumn.

  • Glue your gorgeous sequins on the leaves. We just did a couple on each leaf.

TIP: Place a little glue in a small bowl, then use a Q-Tip to dip in the glue and dot onto the leaves

  • Tape the end of your string or ribbon, this makes it so much easier to thread your breads through

  • Clip the leaves to one end of the string
  • Thread on a few beads
  • Clip on the next set of leaves
  • Thread the next set of beads until you’re done

5. HANG your beautiful Autumn Garland somewhere you’d like to add a little festivity!

(I ended up adding some sticky tack to the back of my clothespins to easily mount onto the wall)

My Take Away:

My 4 year old loved this project. I thought it might bore her a bit since she loves going over the top on everything, but it certainly didn’t.  We had a great system, I laid out the string.  She helped me choose the color bunches of the leaves, then I left her to dotting and putting on the sequins.  Once that was done she threaded the beads while I clipped on the leaves (which was tricker than I thought it would be) and Voilà! We had ourselves a beautiful Autumn Garland.  We hung it in her room and she is so proud of our work, which in turn makes me so proud of her.

Do Tell: Leave a comment below

  • Do you have any tips or tricks in garland making?