Kids Summer Journal to Spark Creativity

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Summer time calls for your child to have their own kids summer journal! We want to make writing FUN! Do decided to come up with this cute printable to add to any composition notebook.


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Summer Journal Cover Materials


  1. First, start by covering the front of composition journal with glue.
Summer Journal Cover Step 1

2. Next, spread the glue evenly over the journal with a brush.

Summer Journal Cover Step 2

Print out the page covers from our Summer Journal Cover Pack and line up the top of the printed page with the top of the journal cover. Once you’ve line it up press down to stick in place.

Kids Summer Journal Front Cover

4. Open the cover of your journal and use a craft knife or scissors to cut the excess paper off.

Summer Journal Cover Step 3

Repeat steps 1-4 for the back of your DIY Summer Journal.

5. To give your journal a little boost and pop of fun, add some colorful duct tape to the spine of your journal. Start at the top of your journal making sure the spine is in the middle of the tape, cut the tape at the bottom of the journal and press down on the front and back of your journal.

Summer Journal Cover Step 4

You’re done! Now you’ve got a super cute journal to write in all summer! If you grab our summer journal printable from our store it includes 4 pages of fun journal prompts to save you the headache of thinking them up.

Summer Journal Cover Complete


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front of summer journal cover printable
front of summer journal cover printable

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