Mermaid Necklace DIY – An Egg Carton Craft

A sea shell mermaid necklace! We are a little nuts for mermaids in this family, and if I had known that Mer-May was a thing, well this would have been posted much earlier! Alas we’re posting it in the last weeks of summer, since what is a summer without a little mermaid love?! It’s also a great recycling project to use those empty egg cartons. And fear not my male under the water dwellers, not only can this be a mermaid necklace, but it works as a merman necklace too! Ok lets take a trip unda da sea to go make our necklaces!


Supplies for Mermaid Necklace DIY

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1. CUT your egg carton in half, per the dotted line below.

Cut Eggcarton

2. CUT half way through one of the rows of cups, then cut to separate.

cut out individual egg containers

3. DRAW a shell on your egg cup, like the picture below.

Draw a shell shape on egg carton

4. TRIM your egg cup to look like a shell. Cut out the lines you drew then cut a wavy line on the bottom to help it look more shell like.

Trim the egg carton shell

5. CHOOSE your paint colors. For my daughters necklace we chose pinks and purples. For my son’s we went with blue’s and turquoises. We also chose to add some sparkle with gold highlights and glitter.

Paint your necklace

6. PAINT! This is the perfect part for your little one and you to just have at it.

DISCUSS: Where might your shell live in the ocean? Did it have something living in it before? Who is this mermaid necklace for?

Paint your egg carton

7. DRAW some lines coming out from the center point of the front of your shell, like the picture below.

Draw lines on your shell

8. HOT GLUE a pony bead on the back of your egg carton shell. If you don’t have a pony bead, you can use a bead with a big hole or you can cut a straw to bead size and glue that in place of the bead.

Hot Glue Bead onto Shell

9. MEASURE out your ribbon. We made ours about 3 feet long which was easy enough for my little creatives to put on and off by themselves, but measure whatever length you’d like.

Measure out string

10. ARRANGE your shells and beads in the order you want them to be.

Arrange beads for necklace

11. THREAD your beads through the ribbon. If you’re having trouble threading the beads through, try taping the end of your ribbon to make it easier.

wrap tape around ribbon

12. TIE the back of your ribbon.

Tie back of necklace

13. WEAR PROUDLY Congrats, you’re done! Use your mermaid necklace for pretend play, or to accessorize your stylin’ outfit.

DIY Mermaid Necklace being modeled


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