Jack-O-Lantern Face Board with Free Printable

I love a good Jack-O-Lantern. Who else loves all the different types of Jack-O-Lanterns that appear during Halloween? I love looking at the variety of shapes and different ways one pumpkin can be transformed into so many different things!

Halloween is such a nostalgic time of year for me as it is connected to so many childhood memories. I often find myself trying to figure out things that I loved as a child and how I can let my own children experience them. When I was little, I remember playing with a felt board. It was such a simple activity, but such a vivid memory of my childhood, there was something magical about the simplicity of felt sticking to felt. The other thing I loved about felt boards was that it seemed like there were endless possibilities of what I could create. Nothing was permanent and everything was easy to change. That said, I just had to share the fun of felt boards with my little creatives

Since its Halloween time I thought it would be fun to create a Jack-O-Lantern felt board. The other great thing about this board is that it can be used to discuss emotions, and how flipping one shape upside down can change the whole look and feel of the Jack-O-Lantern.

I have put our Jack-O-Lantern felt board out every day this week, and every day new faces are made.

If you’d like a template to cut out, or prefer a paper version, I’ve put together a little printable for you. Enter your name and email below and we’ll send you a free printable with the pumpkin shape, and different Jack-O-Lantern features to place on it.

Jack-O-Lantern Felt Board Supplies:

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  • Felt – Orange, Black and if you want a stem, Brown
  • Scissors
  • Jack-O-Lantern Printable which you can get by entering your name and email above.

Yup that’s it!

Make It:

1. CUT out a pumpkin shape from your orange felt, or use the free template from above.

2. CUT out some jack-o-lantern face shapes from your black felt. You can use our template as a guide or try cutting out these shapes:

  • Triangles (big and small)
  • Circles (big, small, ovals, wobbly circles, semi circles)
  • Squares
  • Jack-O-Lantern smiles

PARENT TIP: Keep your scraps! Look at the shapes, they might make some cool facial features.

3. CUT out a stem for your pumpkin from your brown felt (optional).

4. PLAY!

DISCUSS: This is also a great activity to discuss emotions! What happens when you turn the smiley face upside down? What happens when you add some eye brows? Challenge your creatives to make different looking pumpkins – happy, sad, mad, scary, beautiful.

Remember, to make some pumpkin faces for yourself. How many faces can you make with your shapes?

Here are some of the cool faces my little creatives made, I think they are way cooler than mine, which are above.

felt jack o' lantern faces

My Take Away:

My little creatives pumpkin faces where much more detailed than mine, they were so creative with details in their faces! Where I stuck mainly to eyes, nose and mouth, they added ears, cheeks, chin, feet, arms, they weren’t limited to thinking just about the main features of the face. They even added accessories like a collar and earrings. I also noticed they put their eyes much farther apart than I did. So many options I didn’t think about. Doing this activity with them was a great exercise of thinking out of the box for me, thanks for the reminder my little creatives!

Do Tell: Leave a comment below

Did your child’s jack-o-lantern faces have a commonality?
Did you discuss emotions with your child? or just play?
What did you learn from your face making?


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Jack-O-Lantern DIY

Jack-O-Lantern Free Printable

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