DIY Valentines Purse

The other day was my little creatives 100th day of school. My daughter’s teacher asked that we make something fairly simple with 100 items stuck on it. The first thing that came to mind was candy hearts! How fun would they be to stick on something?! Then I thought of how my daughter and 2yr old son would probably eat the candy along with the glue and anything else that was attached, so that idea quickly got scrapped. It then struck me a PURSE! My daughter LOVES purses, she makes them all the time out of anything and everything. Thus was born this quick fix heart purse that would be great for sticking 100 pom poms on, and could then double for holding St. Valentine’s Day cards.  It’s super easy and the decorating options are endless! So let me show you the way…

Valentine’s Purse Supplies:

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Make It:

1. TRACE 2 x heart shapes onto your foam.

2. CUT both hearts out.

3. GLUE the hearts together to create a pocket. Reference the black line in picture #3 below to see where to glue.

4. HOLE PUNCH  hole around the heart, per the picture below.

5. THREAD a pipe cleaner through each side of the heart. Wrap the ends around so it doesn’t unravel.

6. HOLE PUNCH 2 holes at the top of the heart, through both pieces of foam, for the handle.

7. THREAD a pipe cleaner through the hand holes on each piece of foam to make handles and you’re done!

DISCUSS: What LOVEly things can you put in your purse? Perhaps you could make one for someone you love to carry their special things in too?!

Extend It:

Feel free to spice up your purse a bit, our purses below were inspired by:

Have fun and enjoy! The possibilities are endless!