Make A Pop Shop: Pretend Play Popsicles


Summer has arrived here in sunny California and it is HOT! We have been eating so many popsicles and it got me thinking maybe we should to start making our own. Then it struck me, lets make our own! I was looking for a simple afternoon activity to release some creative juices that would be fun, yet not destroy our freshly cleaned house . This fit the ticket perfectly, and I knew that once they were done, they could keep playing with them. My little creatives love setting up shop, so a pop shop was next on the list!



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1. DRAW a popsicle shape on your cardboard. Ours looked something like this.

2. CUT out your popsicle. If you want to make more, use this one as a template and trace it.

3. COLOR your popsicles. We used Kwik Stix, but use whatever you have available.

DISCUSS: What flavor is your popsicle? Do the colors reflect the flavor? What shapes and patterns can you add to your popsicle?

4. GLUE the popsicle / craft stick to the back of the popsicle. We used hot glue, since we’re impatient and I might be a little bit obsessed with hot glueing things, but you can use regular school glue, or even tape.

5. PLAY! Set up a popsicle stand and sell your popsicles, or hand them out to friends and family. Be warned, these popsicles aren’t really meant for eating, as Mr. 2 was very disappointed to find out.


This was a huge hit with my little creatives, I couldn’t cut out the cardboard fast enough, and every time I sat down to join in on the fun they kept stealing my pop! The little monkeys. I love that we have so many beautifully colored popsicles to play with now. This would make for a great party activity or even cool summer bunting!

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  • What’s your favorite popsicle flavor? I think mine is coconut pineapple


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I love how Rebekah from @heart_artlife and her little creatives added texture to their popsicles. From CA, USA to Edinburgh,UK these pops are fun all over the world! We’re a huge fan of these cute popsicles well done Rebekah and co!


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